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NEWS & VIEWS – 30th October 2023

Under-25 Club
There is no doubt that the future of Craft Beer (and everything else, for that matter) depends on the younger generations. Therefore it was great to see Brewdog announce this week that 18-25 YOs now get 50% off both food and beer after 4pm on a Sunday. Let’s hope this is a huge success in bringing more younger drinkers into Craft Beer.


Experience & Tolerance
Jeff Alworth won’t mind us saying that it has been a while since he would have qualified for the 18-25’s Club, but with age comes experience and tolerance (at least for some…) Jeff says that he has come to terms with people “liking what they like” when it comes to beer, and he is just fine with that.
US Craft Beer Imports Drop
Vinepair digs into the fact that there is less US Craft Beer to be found in the UK Taprooms and Bottle Shops than there was a year or two ago. This is partly due to challenges with price and freshness, but we think it is mainly due to the fact that UK Craft Beer is so good now that we don’t need so many imports.


Omnipollo Deep-Dive
We have a double Podcast release for you this week, and in one of them the Guest pays the ultimate tribute to Omnipollo. By happy coincidence Ferment Magazine has also released a nice article doing a deep-dive into the Swedish Craft Beer Pioneers.