Little Earth Fest 2024

Little Earth Project, Mill Green, Edwardstone, Sudbury, Suffolk.
The Little Earth Fest is a craft beer festival with a unique twist — its dedicated exclusively to sour beers and wild ales, offering a distinctive experience for connoisseurs of these acquired tastes. Located in a remote part of the Suffolk countryside and surrounded by nature, the festival is hosted by Little Earth Project. This small brewery specialises in farmhouse and wild beers crafted from foraged and organically farmed local ingredients.
Beach Street Beer Festival
The TWICB Team arrived via a beautiful short train journey from Colchester, which took us across the border into Suffolk. The journey featured scenic views, including a long viaduct crossing. Due to the festival’s remote location, a shuttle bus operated from Sudbury railway station, about 15 minutes away from the event.

Unfortunately, the weather was a dampening factor, with rain being a constant presence throughout the weekend. We wisely cancelled our camping reservation, and observing the conditions some campers faced, it was clearly a good decision.

Participating breweries included Burning Sky, Pastore Brewing, Ampersand, Crossover Blendery, Balance Brewing, Wilderness Brewery, Sobremesa, Fyne Ales, Holy Goat, and, of course, Little Earth Project. The festival was a haven for serious wild ale enthusiasts, and those who didn’t appreciate the allure of mixed fermentation funky sours might have felt out of place. However, the adjacent pub catered to diverse tastes, offering a selection of more traditional craft beers.

Despite the remote location and poor weather, the festival saw a reasonable turnout. Most of the wooden tables in the grounds were occupied by eager beer lovers. Additional seating outside the pub allowed attendees to stay on solid ground rather than wet grass.

For food, the festival featured a variety of tasty street food options throughout the weekend, from various food wagons – although one vendor didnlt turn up because of the weather! The pub also served delcious pizzas.

In summary, the Little Earth Fest was a remarkable and intimate event that the TWICB Team thoroughly enjoyed. It provided a fantastic opportunity to immerse ourselves in the world of mixed fermentation beers amidst the serene Suffolk countryside.