Craft Beer Podcast Directory

This Week In Craft Beer – The Podcast

In-depth weekly interviews with some of the UK’s leading independent Craft Brewers, exploring their backgrounds, motivations, hopes, fears, and big plans for the future, all whilst sharing and discussing a small selection beers the brewer is particularly proud of.

Beer Fridge Podcast

The Beer Fridge Podcast is hosted by a group of beer enthusiasts making their way through the incredible craft beer scene. Listen to their likes and dislikes as they pick their beers of the week. Joined by some of the UK’s leading breweries and craft beer enthusiasts, the Beer Fridge Podcast brings pub banter and craft beer straight to you.


Beernomicon is a podcast hosted by Ross and Tom, talking (and arguing) the finer points of beer. Based outta Manchester.

Beervana Podcast

About the art, culture, economics and business of beer and brewing with hosts Jeff Alworth (The Beer Bible, The Secrets of Master Brewers) and Oregon State University economics professor Patrick Emerson.

Beer With Nat

On every episode of Beer with Nat, I share a beer and a chat with people who do what they love for a living… they work in the beer industry. As we’ve all ended up in this industry by pursuing a passion or chasing a dream, you can bet each guest has some pretty incredible stories to tell.
Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine
Listen to the podcast for those who make and drink great beer. Every week we talk to professional brewers and industry experts about practical brewing advice, in-depth coverage of brewing trends that matter to you, and tips for getting the most out of your homebrew.

Daft About Craft

A monthly exploration of the wonderful and creative world of craft beer. We are two guys called Dave who love to talk all things craft beer! There will be news, views, features and live tastings each month as we take an in-depth look at UK craft beer scene.

Game Over Beer

A podcast bringing craft beer & video games together through our guests who work in beer, gaming & beyond!

Good Beer Hunting

Award-winning interviews with a wide spectrum of people working in, and around, the beer industry. We balance the culture of craft beer with the businesses it supports, and examine the tenacity of its ideals.

Hop Forward

Hop Forward is a biweekly podcast dedicated to the craft beer industry. Including both interviews, discussions and stories from a range of brewers and entrepreneurs within the industry, to advice from founder and host, Nick Law, about starting, scaling and sustaining your own ventures, the Hop Forward podcast is here to help you get ahead with your beers, brand and business.

Men Beerhaving Badly

Leicestershire-based podcast on all things craft beer!

More Views On Craft Views

A fortnightly podcast reviewing some of our favourite craft beer and breweries from around the world.

Neon Raptor Podcast

Follow Neon Raptor on our journey as we discuss all things beer.

Rhythm & Brews

Rhythm and Brews is the craft beer and music pairing podcast. In each episode, we match beers to music in an attempt to make the beer taste better, but in reality, we use it mostly to force people to listen to our questionable music tastes.

The Ales & Tales Podcast

From the roaring hills of North Wales, Duane, Sam, Ramrod & Fleety have a beer, a laugh and talk utter bollocks.

The Beerists

very week, John Rubio and his co-hosts, Grant Davis, and Mike Lambert, meet to taste, discuss, and judge five different beers from all over the world. Part beer appreciation, part drunken comedy, it’s the only beer podcast the A.V. Club calls, “consistently illuminating and amusing.”

The Bubble – The Craft Beer Channel

A deep-dive podcast with artists, academics and writers in an attempt to get out of the craft beer echo chamber and expand our tiny little worlds. In doing so, we hope to expand yours.

The Craft Beercast

Unfiltered discussion about craft beer.

Triple Hopped

A UK-based Craft Beer podcast discussing, drinking and reviewing the best beer we can get our hands on.

A Woman’s Brew

A Woman’s Brew is two beer loving women on a mission to get more people drinking and talking about great beer. Joanne & Tori want to talk you through beer styles, breweries we love, beer tasting tips, beer traditions and more from the world of craft beer.