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NEWS & VIEWS 4th April 2022

Sacha Lord, the Night Time Economy Advisor for Manchester, is predicting a rise of as much as 20p per pint within the next three months, once the VAT rise is added to inflationary pressures, and after supply chain issues and energy price increases.

Considering the range of challenges the industry is facing this year, it could easily be more than 20p.


The Pub Curmudgeon has some considered commentary on the effect that Minimum Unit Pricing is now having in Scotland, in as far as it relates to triggering beer-runs to the North of England.

He rightly points out that this effect will no doubt be magnified in the case of Wales, due to the proximity of large English Towns to the Welsh border.


How about some good news, for a change? The Drinks Business published a list of the 10 cities which opened the most pubs in 2021.

It is easy to overlook the fact the lots of awesome new Taprooms and Bars are opening all the time, in an industry that is experiencing significant transition.


Finally, Yakima Chief have been awarded a patent for the process that produces their superb Cryo Hops branded pellets. We think that Yakima Chief deserve great credit for the amazing hop products they supply to our industry, which are a significant factor in why Craft Beer is so great in 2022. READ ARTICLE