Wild Card Barrel Store

The Wild Card Brewery Barrel Store, Shernhall St, London E17 9HQ

Nestled in the heart of Walthamstow, East London, the Wild Card Brewery Barrel Store Taproom boasts a unique charm within an old, industrial unit – a hallmark of many distinctive craft beer havens.
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Positioned conveniently between Walthamstow Central and Wood Green underground stations, its location offers accessibility without sacrificing the charm of its industrial character.

While the indoor seating might be cosy, the venue generously expands into a spacious outdoor area adorned with rustic wooden benches, creating a relaxed and inviting atmosphere if the weather holds up.

During our visit, the beer selection showcased Wild Card’s skills, featuring an enticing array of mixed-style pales, IPAs, NEIPAs, and an assortment of barrel-aged creations. Notably, their barrel-aged Imperial Stout and the Raspberry Cuvée stood out, complemented by guest appearances from Tilquin, the revered Belgian brewery celebrated for their exceptional Lambic-style beers.

Beyond its stellar beer offerings, the taproom hosts an array of lively events, adding an extra dash of excitement to the experience. From Comedy Clubs to game nights, music sessions, and cabaret performances, there’s always something to enhance the already vibrant ambiance.

Satisfying the appetite, freshly cooked pizzas are on hand to complement the brews, ensuring that patrons can relish both fantastic flavours and a delightful atmosphere.

Open from Friday through Sunday, the taproom welcomes visitors from 11 am until the late hours, providing ample opportunities to savour its offerings throughout the weekend.