Sadler’s Cat

Sadler’s Cat, Hanover St, NOMA, Manchester, M4 4AH
Situated at Hanover St, Manchester, Sadler’s Cat stands as a testament to community spirit and dedication.

Formerly known as The Pilcrow, this public house holds a significant place in Manchester’s history, being the first purpose-built establishment as part of the Cooperative Society’s urban regeneration initiative. What makes Sadler’s Cat truly special is its origin story – crafted not just by professionals, but by the hands of countless volunteers who poured their enthusiasm and sweat into its construction over a remarkable ten-month period.

Beach Street Beer Festival
The pub’s location, overlooking Sadler’s Yard, offers patrons one of the most enjoyable beer garden experiences in the city with ample outdoor seating on its expansive terraced area. It’s a haven of tranquility where one can unwind while indulging in a stellar selection of brews from Cloudwater and other esteemed breweries.

Stepping inside, you are greeted by a tastefully decorated, long narrow bar, adorned with fixtures and fittings crafted by the same community that built the pub. Sadler’s Cat proudly serves 14 keg beers and 3 cask beers, primarily featuring Cloudwater’s exceptional creations, supplemented by occasional guest brews.

Moreover, beer lovers will appreciate the extensive array of Cloudwater canned beers neatly displayed in a large, glass-fronted fridge.

Beyond its excellent beers and setting, Sadler’s Cat keeps patrons entertained with a variety of events, including quizzes, televised sports events, and music nights.

Open seven days a week, Sadler’s Cat welcomes locals and visitors alike to experience its warm hospitality, outstanding beer selection, and vibrant community spirit.