Nottingham Craft Beer Festival 2024

Nottingham Craft Beer Festival 2024, Sneinton Market, Nottingham
The Nottingham Craft Beer Festival (NCBF), held annually in June at the historic and culturally rich Sneinton Market Avenues, is a highlight for beer enthusiasts. This year’s festival, spread across three sessions—Friday evening and two on Saturday—proved once again why it’s a must-visit event for craft beer lovers.

Setting and Atmosphere: Sneinton Market Avenues, an expansive outdoor venue nestled in Nottingham City Centre, provided the perfect backdrop for the festival. The market, with its array of unique businesses which remained open during the event, added an extra layer of charm and convenience. Arriving at the festival on Saturday evening, the TWICB Team were immediately struck by the vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. The festival was well-organised, with ample seating and tables, making it easy to relax and enjoy the offerings despite the bustling crowd.

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Beer Selection and Breweries: The heart of the NCBF is, of course, the beer. With 40 top craft breweries showcasing their latest and freshest brews, attendees were spoilt for choice. The festival’s decision to avoid a token system in favour of contactless payments streamlined the experience, allowing visitors to focus on enjoying the beer rather than fiddling with tokens. Each brewery’s stall was staffed by knowledgeable representatives, ensuring that any questions about the beers were promptly and expertly answered.
Pre-Festival Fun: Our day began with a tour of Nottingham’s notable craft beer spots, including The Keans Head, The Junkyard, and the Liquid Light taproom. While we may have arrived at the festival a bit merry, the quality of the beers at NCBF quickly refocused our senses. The selection was vast, from crisp pales to robust IPAs and complex sours. The stand-out moment was indulging in five successive Imperial stouts from Bang The Elephant and Emperor’s Brewery—rich, potent, and utterly delightful.

Food and Music: Complementing the beer was a diverse array of food stalls offering everything from fried chicken and pizza to Vietnamese and Caribbean dishes, with plenty of vegan options available. The continuous music, featuring DJ sets and live bands, kept the energy high and the mood festive.

Final Thoughts: In summary, the Nottingham Craft Beer Festival was a spectacular event. The blend of excellent organisation, a welcoming atmosphere, and an unparalleled selection of craft beers made it a memorable experience. Whether you’re a seasoned craft beer fan or a curious newcomer, NCBF offers something for everyone. We left with our palates thoroughly satisfied and our spirits high, already looking forward to next year’s festivities. Cheers to another fantastic year at NCBF!