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NEWS & VIEWS – 13th March 2023

Most Pubs Not Passing On Increased Costs To Customers Let’s start this week with a report in the Morning Advertiser which states that two thirds of pubs claim to not be passing on the full extent of their cost increases to their customers. READ ARTICLE
AB Inbev Stepping Away From Craft Acquisitions? Over at Beervana, Jeff Alworth has been taking a close look at AB Inbev, as they appear to be stepping back from Craft Beer. We can all sleep a bit easier these days, knowing that we are unlikely to wake up to the news that our favourite independent Craft Brewer has sold out to a Macro. READ ARTICLE
Checking In With Wetherspoons The Pub Curmodgeon this week has undertaken a demographic analysis of his local Wetherspoons, and he is fairly reassured with what he found. READ ARTICLE
The Science Of Beer Foam Finally, especially for TWICB Steve, who is a full-on Physics nerd, we have a link to Physics Today, which takes a detailed look at the science of beer foam. READ ARTICLE