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NEWS & VIEWS – 19th June 2023

Macros Pessimistic About Craft Beer? Jeff Alworth at Beervana reflects on the news that Sapporo’s Anchor Brewery are retrenching from their current US-National distribution, to just focus on California, and how this move typifies the current pessimism towards Craft Beer among the Macros. READ ARTICLE
Administrators appointed at Brew By Numbers Sad news from Just Drinks that Brew By Numbers has indeed entered administration this week, as originally reported last month. They report that a deal to buy the assets is imminent with private equity group Breal, who recently acquired both Brick and Black Sheep. READ ARTICLE
Stemming The Tide Of Brewery Closures On a more positive note, Beer Insider has an interesting article focused on Brewhouse & Kitchen, who have just opened their 23rd UK venue in Chelmsford. Although B&K tend to play it fairly safe in terms of beer-styles, it is still great to see them thriving in such a tough market. READ ARTICLE
Form An Orderly Queue At The Bar Finally, Tandleman reports on the outrage of some busier branches of JDW trying to make us form an orderly queue at the bar! What is the World coming to….!? READ ARTICLE