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NEWS & VIEWS – 12th June 2023

Evaluating Beer Cities Jeff Alworth knows a thing or two about US Beer Cities, and he has some intelligent commentary about how they should be stack-ranked. READ ARTICLE
Making The Most Of The Summer Season We don’t often post articles by lawyers here at TWICB, but this piece caught our eye about advising venues and how to make the most of the summer season without falling foul of the licensing restrictions. READ ARTICLE
UnBarred Laid Bare We love reading long-form articles about our favourite UK Craft Breweries, and this week Ferment have turned the spotlight onto the stars of the Brighton scene – UnBarred Brewery. READ ARTICLE
Fresh Ale As A New Beer Style? Finally, the Pub Curmudgeon talks about the attempt being made to introduce Fresh Ale as a category. They make the point that we are all “repertoire drinkers” these days. READ ARTICLE