Brewer’s Corner News & Views

NEWS & VIEWS – 27th February 2023

Beer Rises 8p A Pint The Morning Advertiser reported this week on the Office For National Statistics survey which showed that beer went up on average 8p per pint over the last three months. READ ARTICLE
Pub Kitchens Close To Cut Costs The BBC has an interesting article looking at pubs that are dramatically paring back their food offerings, to save on energy, staff and ingredients costs. READ ARTICLE
Brew Kit Recycling Beer and Brewing have a nice article looking at the fact that brew kit can often outlast a brewery, and can get recycled or handed down multiple times. READ ARTICLE
Indy Man Beer Con Revisited Finally, a few months after the event, Pellicle take a deep dive into IMBC, which definitely remains one of the highlights of the UK Festival Calendar. READ ARTICLE