Beer Central, Birmingham

Beer Central, Tea Works, Digbeth, Birmingham

As the UK 2022 Summer Festival Season races towards a grand crescendo, the TWICB Team was out in force at Beer Central in Birmingham this weekend.

The fifth and final instalment of the ‘We Are Beer’ UK Tour took place at the Digbeth Tea Works site for the second year running. We were delighted to see that the site had been somewhat reconfigured for this year, so that the Brewery Bars were distributed across both halves of the venue, which prompted the crowd to spread out more evenly than they did last year.

Radio City Social Taproom
The Tea Works site is almost in the shadow of Birmingham New St Station, so public transport links could hardly be more convenient, and the gritty derelict factory backdrop will make for some atmospheric Instagram posts all weekend.

There were beers pouring from 37 Breweries this year, and, as has been the case for all the ‘We Are Beer’ Events this year, it was hard to look beyond Norwegian Pastry Stout Kings Amundsen for the stars of the show – who again were accompanying generous pours of their stouts with free luxury cream doughnuts!

Another honourable mention must go to Turning Point, who were pouring their incredible Emperor’s collab Imperial Stout. Definitely not the sort of beer that you expect to find at an all inclusive event!

As always we had a fantastic time chatting with old friends and new, while we worked our way through the beer lists.

Next up for us is IndyMan in two weeks time, where we have wisely invested in season tickets! Please come and say hello if you spot us wandering around.

Radio City Social Taproom