Patreon Member Benefits

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Pale Ale Member

Exclusive podcast shows, released at least 6-times per year – These exclusive shows will feature Brewer guests of equivalent calibre to the main Podcast shows, answering some of the most challenging and poignant questions of the day.

Advert-free Podcasts – The same great Podcast shows, but stripped of the adverts, so you don’t have to search for the fast-forward button in your podcast player!

Early access to weekly Podcast releases – Instead of having to wait until 4am on Tuesday morning for each new show, you will receive special access to each release before the weekend, guaranteed!

Your name (optionally) listed every week in the Newsletter as a Patron – Your support is really appreciated, so your name will be listed in the Patrons column of our Newsletter every week! (unless you prefer to remain incognito!)

(Optional) Name-check in the Podcast Outro Credits – As if the above recognition wasn’t enough, you will also be name-checked in the Outro of each and every Podcast episode!

£50 Discount off any TWICB Grand Tour (launching May 2021) – Want to show your support of TWICB, and still come out ahead on the deal? If you commit just £3 per month, you will receive an amazing £50 off the cost of a TWICB Grand Tour Weekend, when we launch in May 2021 (COVID-permitting).

DISCORD Discussion Forum Membership – Opportunity to participate in the TWICB DISCORD Discussion Forum

IPA Member

All Pale Ale Member benefits plus…

Free TWICB T-shirt (after three months at this tier) – Receive a high-quality 100% cotton TWICB T-shirt.

Nominate a Brewery to added to our New Beers List in the Newsletter – Are you frustrated that you favourite local brewery is never featured in our Weekly New Beer List? Here is your chance to nominated them to be tracked every week! (TWICB reserves the right to reject breweries that we don’t regard as “crafty” enough to be included)

Invite to Exclusive Quarterly Zoom video sessions with TWICB Founders plus special Brewer Guest – The Craft Beer Scene is all about the Community and making new friends. Join Rob and Steve, and a different surprise Brewer Guest once per quarter, for a Zoom drink-along and general chit-chat.

Access to a single raw audio Podcast recording from the archive, including all the discussion that didn’t make the final cut – Every week Rob records around 2 hours of fun chat with a Brewer over a few beers, which is then painstaking edited down to around an hour for the finished podcast. Ever wondered what interesting tid-bits didn’t make the cut from your favourite episode? Now you can find out! The IPA Membership includes access to a single raw audio recording of your choice from the archive!

Help Shape the Podcast Show (advanced news of who we will be featuring, with opportunity to submit questions ahead of the interview) – Receive notice a week ahead of time, regarding the upcoming podcast guest, so that you can submit your questions for consideration for inclusion in the interview. (Rob reserves the right to choose which questions to actually ask!)

Invite to a free Grand Tour Beer Tasting Session (starting in May 2021) – One aspect of our plans to promote TWICB Grand Tours will be to host tutored tasting in UK Taprooms up and down the Country, featuring beers from the Tour Destination City. Receive one free ticket for a Tasting Session of your choice.

£75 Discount off any TWICB Grand Tour (launching May 2021) – Want to show your support of TWICB, and still come out ahead on the deal? If you commit just £6 per month, you will receive a fantastic £75 off the cost of a TWICB Grand Tour Weekend, when we launch in May 2021 (COVID-permitting).

DIPA Member

All Pale Ale member benefits.

All IPA Member benefits.

Nominate a Brewer to be interviewed for the Podcast (after three months at this tier) – Now you are really getting a chance to shape and influence what we do at TWICB! There are a couple of caveats to this benefit, firstly, TWICB needs to agree that the nominated brewer is “crafty” enough, and secondly, the Brewer needs to be willing to appear on the show!

Join a Brewer Podcast Interview via Zoom (after three months at this tier) – Want to really get involved?! Three months of DIPA membership will entitle you to join the Podcast interview recording Zoom call! (We can’t guarantee that you will receive the same beers to drink-along, but we will try to arrange something).

£100 Discount off any TWICB Grand Tour (launching May 2021) – If you commit £10 per month, you will receive a fabulous £100 off the cost of a TWICB Grand Tour Weekend, when we launch in May 2021 (COVID-permitting).

TIPA Member

All Pale Ale Member benefits.

All IPA Member benefits.

All DIPA member benefits.

Join a Brewer Podcast Interview in-person, at their Taproom. (after three months at this tier) – This is the jewel in the crown of benefits! As soon as COVID is behind us, we will be taking the Podcast on the road, to record with Brewers in their own Taprooms. Join Rob in-person, to record the Podcast interview over a few beers at a Taproom near(ish) to you. (We try to book Guests who represent a good spread of UK geographies)

Join the TWICB Founders for a “board meeting” at a Taproom in Central London. (after three months at this tier) – It is a scurrilous rumour that Rob and Steve only started TWICB as an excuse to meet more often for “board meetings” at Taprooms in Central London! If you are a TIPA Member for three months, you will be invited to join us for one of these soirees!

Receive a tasty US cellar gem, hand-picked by the TWICB Founders. (after six months at this tier) – In the course of running TWICB, we are lucky enough to come into the possession of some terrific US beers. Six months of TIPA Membership will entitle you to receive a fine example from our cellar, of our choosing.

£125 Discount off any TWICB Grand Tour (launching May 2021) – If you commit £30 per month, you will receive a fabulous £125 off the cost of a TWICB Grand Tour Weekend, when we launch in May 2021 (COVID-permitting).

Why are you starting to charge for things that we have enjoyed for free all this year?
We aren’t! The weekly Newsletter and weekly Brewer-interview Podcast will continue to be free to everyone. Patreon will enable us to offer brand-new additional products and services to Members.
What's this about Members getting involved with TWICB?
We have been amazed and delighted with the amount of engagement and feedback we have received during our first year, via social media, email etc. The UK Craft Beer Community is clearly engaged, knowledgeable and sociable! We want to provide a mechanism for bringing the community into our creative process, allowing people to participate in the planning, research, production and delivery of our products.
Why do you have to charge for things?
TWICB is run by just two people: Rob and Steve. Whilst it is undoubtedly a labour of love, it has developed into something that consumes a significant part of our working weeks. Steve works mainly on the Newsletter, where the New Beers Section alone takes many hours per week, to research, collate and format. Rob works mainly on the podcast, where each episode takes several hours to schedule, research, record, edit and promote. Whilst we will continue to invest this time to produce the free products, we think Patreon could be a great way of funding the time and effort that we want to devote to developing new products and services.
Apart from your time, what specifically will the Patreon proceeds be used to fund?
As soon as the COVID-19 situation permits, we want to take the podcast on the road, to record Brewer interviews at their own Taprooms, as well as record live segments at Festivals, Tap-Takeovers and other beery events of note. In order to provide a quality finished audio product, we will need to invest in some decent mobile recording equipment, not to mention the cost of travelling the length and breadth of Britain in the pursuit of great interviews!
What is the thought process behind the bundles of Patreon Membership bonuses that you are offering?
We have tried to come up with bundles that combine some community benefits, exclusive digital products, exclusive physical products, invites to exclusive TWICB events, discounts on TWICB Grand Tours and opportunities to participate in the TWICB creative process. We have tried to price each Membership Level so that each offers outstanding value for money. We have also tried to be mindful of the number of Patreon members that we can realistically include in each bonus activity. (Clearly the invite to participate in the podcast interview or attend the TWICB “Board Meeting” needs to be strictly limited in numbers, or else the bonus would cease to be “exclusive” and would risk disrupting the actual process itself.)
Are the Membership Benefits and Levels set in stone?
Of course not! We are literally making this up as we go along currently! We would love to get your feedback on the Levels, the Benefits, and indeed the very idea of using Patreon in the first place! Please hit us up on IG ( or via email We confidently expect to need to adjust the Patreon model as we go along, based on feedback.
. Is this like a Gym membership, where I sign up in January, and then regret it for the rest of the year?!
Definitely Not! Membership is month-to-month and you can cancel your membership at any time. Only caveat here is that certain Member Benefits (mainly those ones that involve a significant cost for us to provide to you) are only unlocked after three or six months at a certain tier.