Nobody can be sure of what will be possible travel-wise, and when, in 2021. However, the one thing we are sure about, is that there is huge pent-up demand for people to get on a plane and fly off to do something fun, ideally including World-class Craft Beer!

The current trajectory of the vaccine roll-out seems to point to International travel being possible at some point this summer, but it is likely that passengers will need to supply a recent negative test result, or possibly a proof of vaccine.

Any person booking on a TWICB Grand Tour is expected to comply with the regulations in place with airlines and immigration, regarding proof of test and vaccine, as well as the use of masks, or other PPE that might be required.

We will be booking people onto TWICB Grand Tours starting from June 2021, with the expectation that travellers will experience some inconvenience with International air travel this year.

We will however reschedule Tours to a later date, if the COVID situation deteriorates to the point that quarantine measures are (re)introduced, either at the destination Country, or for travellers returning to UK after visiting the destination Country. Clearly a long-weekend away is completely unworkable, if there are any quarantine restrictions at all. Obviously anything beyond quarantine measures, up to and including a complete ban on travel to a destination Country, will also result in Tours being rescheduled to a later date.

In the event of a Tour being rescheduled as described above, participants will be offered the choice of either a place on the future Tour, or a full refund on all monies paid to date.

TWICB Tours do not include air travel, so you will be responsible for booking your own transportation to the destination City. We strongly advise you to book flights where the dates can be changed if required, either free, or for a modest fee.

It is a condition of booking on a TWICB Grand Tour that all participants hold a comprehensive travel insurance policy. It is strongly advised that such policy should include provisions that reimburse you for COVID-related incidents.